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Have you experienced the difference between  Investing and Speculating? Too often the "Noise Investor" is confused by the misinformation and sales talk that is designed to sell products, and is not oriented to solving their unique special situation.  Investing is something that builds the money you have, creating more money or income. You might enjoy this short Fortune article ,

"How the Really Smart Money Invests"

The last few years most mutual funds would not qualify. As Will Rogers so aptly said,"Show me the return of my money,before you show me the return on my money" If you loose 50% or more of your principal, that is not investing, that is speculating!  At the most, no more than 10% of your portfolio should be in speculative equity investments. 

Click on the videos on the site attached to this Link for Valuable and Informative Videos on Family Banks and the Infinite Banking Concept,  To Become Your Own Banker

To better understand the concepts of Becoming Your own Banker we recommend the following Books:

          "Becoming Your Own Banker" by R. Nelson Nash

          "How Privatized Banking Really Works - Integrating Austrian Economics with 
           the Infinite Banking Concept" - by L. Carlos Lara and Robert P. Murphy Ph.D.

You can get these books through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Call us to see if we
have copies in Stock.  After reading and understanding the concepts, give us a call
to have us design your bank with you.  We do not know of anything more important
to accomplish this year if you do not already have your own bank.  It is one of the 
best ways to preserve and build wealth in this current economic environment.

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To Learn More about Money and What is Happening Now, This is Information you can not Afford to Live Without Knowing, "The Crash Course" by Chris Martenson.  Click here to View for FREE Online

If you have a 401k, an IRA, or an investment account, it is wise to know the difference, and be sure you know what your options are.  Our book on "Building Enduring Worth" is almost finished, please ask yourself the questions in our community based sustainable financial system discussion, and email us the results to help us better focus the book on your needs, get the survey here.

It is one thing to create wealth, and another to preserve it and to transfer it whole to family and charities, leaving a living legacy.  There are many facets to Wealth Preservation, and some of them are addressed on our website,

For more valuable information about how to globally protect and preserve your assets and estate, for specific laws in your state, and to find a qualifed advisor in your state, The Asset Protection Society is the Best Source, Click Here

We can show you how to set up  True Self-Directed Solo401k's  which can maximize your ability to build your wealth through investments not offered by Brokerages, Banks, and Retail Financial Firms who are selling proprietary products?  Wellthy people have access to investments that pay the highest returns with the lowest standard deviations, and the ability to use pure asset classes that are non-co-relating to be sure they are truly diversified, not just loaded up with a lot of different products.  Look for positive cash flow with secured investments.  Wouldn't you like to have peace of mind, knowing you are doing the highest and best with your retirement and investment dollars?  Call us Today

This site is for educational and information only, not to be misconstrued as investment advice.  It just reflects our experience and what has worked for
us, and what we have been able to learn from the research and knowledge we have acquired.